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Learn about our amazing group here!

So of course all the good stuff is available exclusively to members but if you are just curious what WMME is about here are the basics!

❓❓Why join WMME❓❓

🏳️‍🌈You become part of an amazing and exclusive group of fun-loving studs from all over New England - plus hot visitor studs from all over the globe!

🏳️‍🌈It's a mailing list for all group events info so you're in the loop!

🏳️‍🌈Full calendar of upcoming events so you can plan ahead

🏳️‍🌈TONS of exclusive hot pics and vids for the guys to enjoy!

🏳️‍🌈Schedule hair or waxing services to keep you looking your best

🏳️‍🌈Browse your fellow members and you can contact them for carpooling to our hot events

Groups are WAY more fun!!!

WMME is essentially a gay men's naked massage and social club!

WMME is composed of fit sexy athletic likeminded men who enjoy the fun sexual and erotic freedom our amazing group offers.  We meet often and enjoy incredible naked full-bodied massage by many hot naked guys all at the same time!!  Warm melted coconut oil and LOTS of hands working every inch of a hot naked guy all at the same time for a totally unique and absolutely mindblowing experience!!  When the timer goes off he flips over and we oil him again and he gets even more body worship before he swaps with another hot sexy stud!  Huge comfortable massage table and scented candles and plenty of warm melted coconut oil all make for a uniquely beautiful and sensual time. 

But of course that's only the beginning!  The guys are free to play with each other and move around and interact in a fun and totally sex-positive environment with plenty of supplies and fun furnishings in a unique space!  What a perfect environment to play with our hot buddies and do what we enjoy!  Sexual exploration is absolutely welcome and encouraged!!  What are YOUR fantasies??  Let's do it!!

Refreshments and tons of non-alcoholic drinks provided as well as pizza and/or other snacks!  Guys enjoy plenty of social time with each other throughout the house and have full use of our giant amazing group shower!  Come early and shower before the group if you want also!  And of course enjoy super hot shower time with your buddies at the end of our awesome events and help scrub them squeaky clean!

"OMG this sounds like a blast!!  How do I get in on this??"

To be a part of WMME we ask the following (It's EASY!!):

1) Be in good shape!  It's a naked group and we want to keep interest high all around!

2) Agree never to do drugs here or come to the group under the influence of drugs.

3) Be sex-positive!  Play and explore and enjoy yourself and the guys!

It's all about pleasure...

"Wait - why do I have to join something?  Is this a trick to get my bank info or something???"

Hell no!  Our page is fun and free and I will never ask for bank info or anything like that.  Our group is very sexual and our page contains TONS of fun naked pics of our activities and of our awesome guys!  So the page is locked from public access for our (and your) privacy!  So you simply join our page and you're in!  Read on to see how!

WMME Members See All!

Upcoming Events!!

We have lots of fun themed events and special guests and MORE!!

"OMG I need to check out upcoming events and RSVP right away!!"

Members Directory!!

All of us have a profile with fun info and photo albums of goodies!

"Sweet!  I love to show off my hot gym-pumped bod for the guys!"

Photo Highlights!!*

Gallery page of fun group events and the guys in action!

"This sounds almost too good to be true!  Totally my kind of group!!"

*No we don't take pics without permission!  There are plenty of exhibitionists for that!!

⁉️Wait a second - do I have to pay??  Is this some kind of scam ⁉️

Running the group costs me money!  I'm not rich and I pay for everything myself out of pocket so yes the guys pitch in to help me recoup the essential costs and I always get the guys food and refreshments and stuff!  Don't worry no it's not a scam and your contribution is more than reasonable it's totally fair and a big help to keep our group awesome!!

The guys all contribute $20 per guy each time.  That's it!!

There are no fees to join our page, no recurring membership costs ever, no bank info requested, no scam bullshit of any kind.  Period.

Newcummers are $10 & Refer-a-Buddy  for only $10/ea too!

Your contribution covers everything!  Use of all space and supplies, food/drink, parking, shower and much more.  Your contribution helps with costs of supplies and expenses such as utilities and website fees etc.  Your contribution helps keep WMME amazing!!

Want to be in our awesome naked group?  Of course you do!  Members are by invitation only and/or referred by current members.  Again all are expected to be in good shape and a fit for a naked group and to ensure this all the guys must be approved to join our page and see all our exclusive content! 

"OMG I'm sold!!  How do I join this awesome group??"

Just click the green

'Join us'

button in the upper left corner of the page.  Jess will contact you right away via email or text message to confirm you're a fit for the group (so make sure your number and email are valid!).

Get ready for mindblowing naked massage and fun!!

Still have questions?  Ask away!

Contact Jess!

Get your hot buddies to come play with all of us too!

Get them here and let's get them naked!!

Our group ROCKS!!

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