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Jess John

CEO and Admin of WMME!!

Questions?  Concerns?  Suggestions? 


Guys feel free to contact me for anything at any time!  I'll get back to you ASAP!

Jess John

Phone:  774-303-7000


Testing Centers

Be responsible and get tested regularly!!  We want to be able to play without worry!  It's free!  No excuses!

Know of any good free testing facilities in your areas?  Let me know so I can add them to our contacts page for the guys!

Keep WMME awesome!!!!!

Guys remember our awesome group is all about FUN and PLEASURE!!!  I want this experience to be as exciting and rewarding as possible.  There's nothing more beautiful than the smiles on your handsome faces and hearing your moans of pleasure!  Please keep our group awesome.  Make complete profiles (faces and names kindly requested) and include hot pics (naked is always a HUGE bonus).  Feel free to recruit/refer your hot likeminded buddies!  Pay your contributions upon arrival (pay before you play!!) to help keep our group supplied with essentials.  Let's all make each other feel amazing!  We have a hell of a hot group of guys and a hell of a great thing going on.  And we wouldn't have this without all of you beautiful men!  Always be kind and loving with our fellow studs.  We are all here for each other!  Love you amazing guys!!  


Tell your fuckin hot buddies to join us too!!

Bring a bud and nab a sweet deal!  2 for 1 special only $10 each!

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